Staff Office Chairs

A Staff Office Chair is specifically designed to help to solve your back and neck problem, it is also able to help to improve your posture as well as prevent slouching. Many office employees experience back pain because of long hour work sitting on a non-ergonomically designed chair. Doing so will increase unnecessary stress in the neck, spine, arms and the shoulders.

Using a Headrest or Neckrest allows the head or neck to be supported, reducing weight and also allowing the upper spine to align correctly. The Headrest or Neckrest should be both height and depth adjustable so that it can be specifically tailored to your needs. The backrest of a Staff Office Chair is adjustable in height. This function is very important as different people have different spine lengths and the lumbar curve can differ from person to person.

The ability to recline the chair back while taking a break or performing tasks such as taking a phone call, reading a document or having a meeting etc. will that allow the user the opportunity to lessen the strain on their back and give the upper body the chance to rest. Most Staff Office Chairs come with fixed armrests that cannot be adjusted. For a number of reasons, this is not practical. Staff Office Chair has armrests quality that is adjustable in both height and depth. This will allow any user to adjust the armrests so that they can correctly support the arms. Another reason for having adjustable armrests is so that they can be set so they work well with any desk height.

You can also adjust the height of the Staff Office Chair by raising or lowering the gas lift. You should adjust the height of the chair so that your hips are higher than your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Adjusting the Seat Depth will allow you to customize your seat so that it correctly supports your thighs and allows you to comfortably sit back in the Staff Office Chair and correctly utilize the back support. By correctly supporting the thighs, you will also prevent pressure being placed on the back of the knees as this can restrict circulation.

Staff Office Chair can help your workers that much for good spine health. To maintain the right postures, they need to consciously remind themselves all the time. Other important features of the Staff Office Chairs are tilt tension, swivel, pneumatic height adjustments, adjustable armrests, and dual wheel casters, allowing for unlimited flexibility and mobility. The chair can be customized according to the staff’s body type and your surroundings. These are just some of the features common in all staff office chair. Others in the higher price range may even be built with ottomans, on top of which the legs can be comfortable stretched out.

Staff Office Chairs are available in various types to suit your varying requirements.

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